Way to go! RoboGames is nearly here and the feedback from competitors has been fantastic.

This lesson will focus on helping competitor better understand the events and what their robotic creations need to accomplish.

Obstacle Course

Your robot will need to maneuver the obstacle course as quickly and carefully as possible. Navigate walls and obstacles to reach the end of maze. See our FAQ page for ideas on the shape and size of the obstacle course layout. We highly recommend using the ultrasonic sensor covered in the Electronics Lesson. This input sensor can measure distance to avoid obstacles. The robot can sense from about 3cm to 400cm pretty accurately. Using logic in your programming, this will act as the “eyes” of your robot to navigate the obstacle course or keep it’s distance from other robots.


This event utilizes the obstacle course, except you must follow the line from end to end. There is TWO courses, you must be able to complete the first course in order to try the second. The first course will be an “S” shape course similar to the Obstacle course shape. In the Second track, there may be crossed or intersected lines, as well as obstacles to create havoc. Speed and accuracy will be highly praised. The line will be about the thickness of electrical tape. Your mBot kit comes with a simple foldout example for line following. You can create your own program, or use the built in mBot Line following program. For more information about the Line Following Sensor, review the Electronics Lesson.


Grab the most robot soccer balls to your side in two minutes. In the center of the obstacle course is a pile for both teams to grab from. Each team has a 24″ line parallel to the back wall laying claim to your teams’s captured balls. Balls knocked out of the arena will cost you points. Balls can be stolen over and over. Robots may store the balls in some manner, but must release them before the clock runs out or they will not be counted in the final score. Lego Mindstorms’ standard blue and red 52mm balls will be used in this event. After TWO minutes, the judges will count the number of balls captured by each team. Color of balls will be scored as following: RED = 5 points and BLUE = 1 points.


Think of something cool and crazy for your robot to do. Dance, tell a joke, fetch an object… use your imagination! Program your robot to do your evil, or not so evil bidding. No dangerous weapons, water, open flames or lasers allowed.  Your robot can be controlled via Bluetooth, Wifi, IR Remote or completely autonomous. In the past, we’ve seen robots fly, drop chocolate bars, pop balloons, follow a light and even transform. Be creative, be awesome!


Two robots enter the open arena to compete as gladiators in the ultimate destruction event. Matches are limited to 2 minutes and judges will announce a winner. Last robot to make a meaningful hit, overall match polarity and gamesmanship will be rewarded. Robots must not be dangerous, please see the FAQ page for examples of what will not be allowed. 

  • Flaming Throwers
  • Spinning Saw Blades
  • Water Guns
  • EMP
  • Dangerous Stuff
  • Sharp Objects or Weapons

Robots must be safety approved prior to entry to the Main Event will be allowed.