Welcome to the RoboGames 2017 Electronics lesson. In this lesson, we will focus on the two sensors included in your Official mBot kit, the Line Following sensor and the Ultrasonic Distance sensor. To control your robot manually, you will need to use the IR Remote Control.

Infrared Remote Control (Manual Controller)


This video is a introduction to how to use How to use 2.4GHz wireless module and Bluetooth module with mBot.

This video is about teaching you how to establish communication between the graphical programming tool mBlock and the Robot mBot.

Line Following Sensor

In your Official mBot kit, your robot comes equipped with a Line Following sensor. This input sensor can sense the contrast between light and dark surfaces. Your kit comes with a large paper track that can be unfolded and placed on the floor. You can also make your own custom tracks to guide your robot. You can use a Sharpie on a whiteboard, or black electrical tape to make thick black lines that your robot will be able to follow.

The line following sensor is composed of two components, an output and and input:

  1. Infrared LED (aka IR LED) – the output
  2. Photo Diode – the input

Advanced Electronics

Want to use more sensors? You will want to check out this resource which covers many additional options.

Wiring has always been a pain for DIYers. Normally you need to find a single pin from the sea of inputs/outputs repeatedly while worrying about loose cables and potential harm to your hardware/yourself from short circuits. Fortunately, this situation does not exist in the world of Makeblock.

Introducing RJ25 Wiring System – it is a simple method to connect your electronic modules with your controller board. Even a child can correctly match the colors of the sockets and build their circuitry of sensors; besides, RJ25 cables and connectors are sturdy, excelling in large robotic projects or classroom teaching.